Setting Up Another Table Access

So I currently have two tables in a mySQL database. Named users and
skills. I have generated a controller and scaffolding for the users
table with the controller named user. This all works fine and I am
able to update the users table. The problem is that I am trying to
add checkboxes for skills and in order to display which checkboxes
have been checked I have created a separate skills table. My thinking
is that I will be able to write a function to go through the table and
only display the skills that have a 1 value. My problem is that I am
not sure how to set this up. Do I need a sepatate controller for the
skills table? I want to display the checkboxes on the same page as
the users fields (from the users table) and then display the
information put into both tables on the same page. I tried generating
separate scaffolding and controller for the skills table and then
combine the functions but it doesnt seem to be working. I just
started learning this language a week ago and would appreciate any
input/help. Thanks in advance!