Setting address bar to not show variables being passed?

Becky Franklin wrote:

How would I go about stopping the variables showing in the address bar?
As a security measure I want to set the address bar to one address and
for it not to change between pages, is this possible?

The fact that each new page is at a new address which is automatically
displayed in the address bar is a pretty deep-rooted WWW convention.
You could work around it by making your home page contain just one big
<frame>, and then loading your real pages inside that. But that's
pretty hacky, and it won't stop people from getting the URL (they can
just right-click and get Properties or Info). Your users won't be able
to bookmark pages within the site easily, and it might even break the
Back button in some browsers.

The real question is: what 'variables' are you passing around in the
URL, and why are they so secret? If it's form submissions, you should
be using method="post" in your <form> tag (the Rails form helpers do
this automatically for you), and then the variables will go via the
HTTP headers rather than in the URL. If it's some kind of
authentication code, you could encrypt it or store it in the session,
or a cookie or something.