Serving database ba(c)ked templates and assets


I am like 50% through with this topic - but my assets are killing
me :slight_smile:

Shared a pdf of how I understand Rails handles requests:

Andrew White (amongst others) lead me on my way to adding the
ViewTemplate Model and accompanying Resolver class.

So, now I can serve templates and partials from the database - but
with client-side rendering 'on the rise' (lately LinkedIn promoted
Dust.js templating) - I would like my Rails to serve compiled*) view
assets (templates) persisted not to the file system but to the
database (because my Rails app should be able to handle a large number
of view assets to a large number of customers like:

customer #1
   posts/index: this is {{ }}'s posts

customer #2
   posts/index: {{ something }}

I am perfectly aware that I may be displaying my utter ignorance on
the subject and that this is neither "how it's done" nor very well
described let alone possible at all - heck, it may even be included in
the current master! In any case I do apologize and stand willingly
corrected if someone will please point me to the correct way it's done

Elsewise - is this a feature which the rails-core will consider - or
should I hurriedly follow the advice to Alex Foley given by Victor
Maitland? (


*) serving the view uncompiled is possibly if I will accept the
penalty of having the client do a dust.compile( source )