Server setup confusion

I am working on a server that has already been setup with both a PHP app and a Rails app.
I don’t believe Rails was installed in the correct directory but I could be wrong.
Looking at the file system in FTP
the 3 main directories are
(under the IP address)
var / www / html
within the html directory is the PHP app

however html has a subdirectory for the Rails app so it looks like this:
html (php_app)/ railsapp / alltherails subdirectories(
i.e app/config/public/…)

Currently this site is just being set up so to access PHP side , (using arbirary IP)

I wanted to see if I could go down to the Rails folder but it wont go there (which is good),
Just not sure if things are set up correctly ?
Right now in order to get to the Rails app, I use the sites domain name and a port number

btw , this is Apache.


Sorry but I needed to bump this
I noticed this path for the root and wondering if it’s right. Right now I’m getting a


in StateController#list
No such file or directory - /tmp/mysql.sock

But it says for the RailsRoot -
`RAILS_ROOT: /home/virtual/site8/fst/var/www/html/domain/config/… (domain is substitute for actual name)