Server settings for BackgrounDRB?

I have backgroundrb working locally and everything's fine. However, i
can't get it running on our server.

I read a blog post by David Burger about backgroundrb
and it says that you set up your backgroundrb.yml file with a different
section for each environment you want to use. Mine looks like this:

This feature of recursively merging environments was removed from
version 1.0.4 and hence your code may not work.
Alternately, you can try applying following diff (if you have up to
date copy of bdrb from git):

diff --git a/lib/backgroundrb/bdrb_config.rb b/lib/backgroundrb/bdrb_config.rb
index adde8b9..5c76346 100644
--- a/lib/backgroundrb/bdrb_config.rb
+++ b/lib/backgroundrb/bdrb_config.rb
@@ -33,6 +33,16 @@ module BackgrounDRb

+ if config[environment]
+ deep_proc = do |key, oldval, newval|
+ if oldval.kind_of?(Hash) && newval.kind_of?(Hash)
+ next oldval.merge(newval,&deep_proc)
+ end
+ next newval
+ end
+ config.merge!( config[environment], &deep_proc)
+ end

Thanks Kumar (or should i call you Hemant?)

I do have the latest version from git and i tried just manually patching
in your chunk of code. But it didn't seem to make any difference.

Max Williams wrote:

Hi Hemant

I found the problem - the code you gave me doesn't work with the config,
because having a colon at the start of the variable names, like this

    :port: 11006
    :environment: development
    :persistent_delay: 2

This means that the keys in the config hash that is built up all start
with a colon and are interpreted as symbols rather than strings. So, i
end up with a hash that looks like this:

config = {:development => {:backgroundrb => {:port => 11006, etc}}
         {:staging => {:backgroundrb => etc etc

BUT, the environment variable, set with -e, is a regular string. So, if
i start backgroundrb with "-e staging", it tries to match "staging"
against :staging, doesn't find a match, and so goes with the defaults.
I fixed this in mine by converting the environment variable to a symbol
before comparing with the config hash: here's my altered version of the
code you gave me in the earlier post:

      if config[environment.to_sym]
        deep_proc = do |key, oldval, newval|
          if oldval.kind_of?(Hash) && newval.kind_of?(Hash)
            next oldval.merge(newval,&deep_proc)
          next newval
        config.merge!( config[environment.to_sym], &deep_proc)