sending DIV form content when submitting form

Hi All

       I have a form that has two select/list form elements. I'm
ajax (rjs, partials, and observe_field) to enable a user to move items
from one list/select to another list/select. When the user is
with the items they've collected in the 'destination' list/select
box, they hit a 'Submit' button.

      My question is how do I pass along the contents dynamically
added to the 'destination list/select' box along with the Submit
request - without the user having to select items in the 'destination
list/select' box. The items the user 'wants' have already been
selected by being put in this 'destination list/select' box - so they
shouldn't have to select them again.

       Any help is greatly appreciated


Let's say the div now looks like:

<li id="destination_12">...</li>
<li id="destination_11">...</li>
<li id="destination_19">...</li>

Use Prototype to collect the id's of your destinations into an array.
Then, but that into a hidden field in your form:
"$('hidden_field_id').value = destinations_array.join(',')"

Then, in your controller, you can:
destination_ids = params[:...][:hidden_field_id].split(',')
destinations ={|d_id| Destination.find(d_id) }
#or use something like: Destination.find(:all, :conditions=>['id in ?',
destination_ids ]
#but be sure to sterilize it

Hopefully that provides a starting point for you.