Self Cross Join?

I have a table with an integer column. I want to retrieve pairs of
records where this integer sums to a total. For example:


If I want pairs that add up to 8 I should get [[red,red],[blue,yellow],
[yellow,blue]]. Writing the query myself I would just use a join with
no ON clause (I think this is a cross join):

SELECT a.color, b.color FROM mytable a INNER JOIN mytable b WHERE
a.value + b.value = 8

This works just fine from a sqlite console, but when I try to use
find_by_sql I can't get all of the information. It attempts to fit
everything into an instance of the model class, which means that I
only see b.color.

What is the 'rails' way of doing what I am trying to accomplish? Is
there a set of options I can use with find to recreate this query and
get both colors out? I'm hoping for an array of 2-element arrays.

You'll need to alias one of them (ie b.color as something_else). If
what you get back doesn't really correspond to an instance of your
class then using connectiion.select_all might be a better fit