Selection of groups of people

Hi folks :slight_smile:

I´ve been thinking about this for a while, and didn´t come to a reasonable

I´d like to build a dialog, in which a user can select a group of people who
can visit an article (or anything else). There should be 4 choices:
- only me
- only these people: <select> with all people for multi-select
- only this group of people: <some groups of people that can change

- everyone

How could this information be stored in the database as redundancy-free as
- create groups for everything (group with 1 person, group with select
contents, group with all people)
- store it in CSV in the table?!
- map people to articles

Every choice has its flaws.... perhaps if a group changes, the changes won´t
be reflected to the permissions

and so on...

(the feature is 1:1 from basecamp etc., as i heard) :slight_smile:

Someone got an idea?


noone got an idea?