Select inside a hidden div

Is there any way to use select inside a hidden div block with a model
object for the select items ? I have the block showing and hiding OK
with observe_field, but the variable I'm using to see whether to show/
hide seems to be the only one allowed by the :with option to
observe_field, so I can't see a way to get the model variable to the
select box. I tried leaving it as it was before the observe_field and
partial, but it doesn't see the variable anymore to populate the

Please help.

Bob <>

I think you will need to show us some view code. The minimum that
shows the problem please.



<%= observe_field :household_zip,
      :url => {:controller => 'households', :action => 'watch_church'},
      :update => :church,
      :with => '@churches',
      :frequency=> 0.5 %>

<div id="church">


def watch_church
  if (params['zip'] != "01540") && (params['zip'] != "01537") then
    render :partial => "church_select"


<b>Member of Local Church: </b> <% select("church", "church_id",
Church.all.collect{|p| [,]}) %> </div>