select does not generate selected


I have this code: <%= debug @deposit.to_user_id %> <%= select("deposit", "to_user_id", User.find_all.collect {|u| [ u.fullname, ] }, {:prompt => 'Select a user', :selected => @deposit.to_user_id} ) %>

It generates this: --- 2 <select id="deposit_to_user_id" name="deposit[to_user_id]"><option value="1">Leon Bogaert</option> <option value="2">Gijs Everaard</option></select>

Why doesn't it generate the prompt and the selected?

With kind regards, Leon Bogaert

Anyone? If I change the to_user_id in user_id it works. But that requires a change in the database and makes the whole just less readable. Especially because there's another field called from_user_id.

Maybe there's anoyher way of achieving the same?

Ahh... got it. This worked: <%= collection_select("deposit", "to_user_id", User.find_all, "id", "fullname", :selected => "to_user_id") %>

But now :prompt does not work anymore.... <%= collection_select("deposit", "to_user_id", User.find_all, "id", "fullname", :selected => "to_user_id", :prompt => "This is a test") %>

Ah.... This works: <%= collection_select("deposit", "to_user_id", User.find_all, "id", "fullname", {:prompt => 'Dit is een test'} ) %>

if to_user_id would not be "0". It's an integer and probably it's zero to default. Can I change this behaviour? Else the selectlist won't work. And setting it to '' before each selectlist seems like a crappy solution.

Ah got it.... Yes again.... table.column :to_user_id, :integer, :default => nil does it