secure and unsecure items

Bas van Westing wrote:


I host a secure ruby on rails appplication over https (at textdrive).
All worked fine, untill I started using the javascript library 'lowpro'
with some additional script which does adjusts some layout when I resize
the browser through window.onload & window.onresize events.

Now I get a "this page contains both secure and unsecure items" popup in
IE6 for every page.

I've always used relative paths, and I am using relative paths now also.
I used javascript libraries 'effects', 'dragdrop' & 'controls' before
and I also use several AJAX requests. I never got this popup before.

Does anyone have a clue why I have this problem now?


Any chance that your Javascript file is not being served from the https site?


Bas van Westing wrote:

Bas van Westing wrote:

I now worked aroud this code with the following setup:

I now worked around this code with the following setup:

Not the IE6 popup is gone.

Now the IE6 popup is gone.