Searchlogic tutorial out of date for pagination & documentation doesn't cover helper method, per_page_select

hi, guys,

I just looked at the searchlogic tutorial for pagination at
and I noticed it is out of date.

Why so? Well, searchlogic v2 has been out for awhile and no one's got
any tutes up or even an update to the tute above. Anyone knows a good
place for tutes on searchlogic's pagination for version 2?

In this tute (
ordering-and-searching-with-searchlogic/) ,
it mentioned to seek the docs on the helper method, per_page_select
which I could not even find . The docs are in
(which later points to

Any ideas, guys?


Um maybe,

Ryan Bates did a Screencast on this topic.

I’m sure you know about his site.

If not… google “Railscasts Thinking Sphinx”

I don’t know if it is V2, but he does cover pagination and it seemed as most stuff in his casts fairly straightforward.



yeah Ryan's screencast was very good (thank god for his railcasts) but
it did not cover pagination (and the helper method, per_page_Select).

Sigh :frowning:

oh, sorry, I thought I saw him cover :per_page and stuff.

Oh, woops. Try thinking_sphinx It is a full text search. That was the Screencast I was recalling.

I’ve currently working on thinking_sphinx. However, I have been stumped on a gem install problem which I have finally solved on the fourth day due to nothing but a slow connection in China.


hmmm i think i know what to use. I will have to look in to the docs of
will_paginate and that should get the house rockin'.

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