Searchable Rails API Doc

I’ve been using rails and rails’ doc for quite a while now. And I
always missed the search feature in docs. IMHO browser search in page
is not the best solution. So i’ve spent this weekend trying to improve
things a bit.
This is more a proof of concept than a final product.
and on github: (custom
rdoc generator and template)
Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks


it looks great. one small issue - try to search 'link_to' and the last
result item is:


which has nothing to do with link_to .. see how did you perform the
search :slight_smile:


voloko wrote:

Very nice.

It has all the letters from "link_to"


It tries to find by exact match first (so link_to is always above) and
then resorts to textmate-like matching (to find password() by

i like it!

i assume you guys know about maybe it has some
good ideas for this project

I use the command 'sdoc' to generate searchable doc for ruby1.8 and it
gets wrong when generating SHTML. The error report is

  /lib/sdoc/generators/shtml_generator.rb:282:in `to_json': source
sequence is illegal/malformed (JSON::GeneratorError)
../lib/sdoc/generators/shtml_generator.rb:282:in `gen_search_index'

can it be fixed?