Search again using previous records found

I have a companies table and a products table
companies --> id,name,address,owner,country ...
products --> id, company_id,name, photo

In my controller I have

LIKE '%tool% and'spain' "])

in my view i can show all the companies that have the product

<% for company in @companies %>
<%= %>

and I can show all the products found
<% for product in @companies.products %>
<%= %>

That's all OK. But now I want to research the list of products under a
new criteria using the previous records found.

But I get ALL the product with criteria date>2007-07-05 and not just
those who meet both criterias (date criteria and name like '%tool%')
based on the records found previously. How can I do that?


Thank you very much. And if I want to get the cheapest product with
those restrictions? {|product| >
Time.mktime(2007, 7, 5) }

But I want to get the product with the cheapest price ---->