Scriptaculous, snap draggable to droppable or revert

Hello community,

I am a fairly new RoR programmer and I need some help with Scriptaculous
Drag and Drop:

So I have

<%= draggable_element(@div_id, :revert => "failure", :snap => 5) -%>

and a droppable:

<%= drop_receiving_element(@team_div_id, :with => "'player=' +
( '&position=' + #{draft_position}" ,:complete =>
visual_effect(:highlight), :update=>"status" , :url => { :action =>
"receive_drop"}, :hoverclass => 'hover' ) %>
<% end %>

I would like to allow the draggable to "snap" to a droppable position if
close or revert back to its original position if it isnt near a

I have searched over the net but I have been unsuccessful with this
issue. I understand there's the Snap option but I want it to snap INTO a
droppable when close or go back to its original position.

I have found some example code such as:

<script type="text/javascript">
   new Draggable('kimballben', {
     revert: true,
   document.getElementsByClassName ('dropbox').each ( function (e) {
     Droppables.add(e, {
       hoverclass: 'over',
       onDrop: function (drag, drop) {
         drag.revert = false;
         drop.appendChild(drag); = 'absolute'; = = 0;
// ]]>

But how do I translate that using drop_receiving_element?

Can anyone help me with this, or point me in the right position?
Essentially its just "Snap to a grid" but I have been unable to find a
simple example. I appreciate the help!