Script/generate masterview fails

I have been trying to make MasterView works on my Rails
project. However, every time I issue a script/generate masterview
Product Store command, I always get the following:


It sounds like you are doing everything correctly. It is not obvious to me from the output what could be causing the problem. It must be something different in your environment but I don’t know what yet.

Sounds like we need to get the stack trace for the error in the generate to be able to figure out what is causing the problem (by default generator must be catching the exception and hiding the output). I’ll need to take a look at the rails generator code and see how we can get at the stack trace.

I’m out of town with limited net access, but I am forwarding this on to the MasterView developer list as well so that it will be logged. We need to find out exactly what is failing in your environment and then it will probably pretty easy to resolve. I’ll take a look at the rails generator code here on my laptop and if I can come up with an easy way to get a stack trace I’ll respond back. If I can figure something out from here, I will respond back, otherwise worse case I’ll be back home Tuesday evening.

Sorry for your troubles. We should be able to resolve quickly once we can get to the root of the problem. Thanks for emailing.

We’ll continue this discussion and resolution off of the main rails list to save bandwidth, we can use the list. If the fix requires an update we will release one as soon as we can get to the bottom of it.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will stay on it until it is resolved.




having the same error. My specs:

- Win XP SP2
- using the plugin version

even when I try to generate scaffold only for a model, the message is
the same.
Hope, this helps a little.



We were able to reproduce this error by upgrading to ruby 1.8.5. It seems that there was a code change to Pathname caused us an issue since we have a few objects which derive from it.

As I write this I am making a new release of MasterView 0.3.1 which resolved the problem.

The code has been released and should be available for gem download anytime now.

Let me know if this doesn’t resolve the issue for you.