script dos problem

Jas wrote: - - [26/Nov/2006:22:56:37 GMT Standard Time] "GET /rails/info/properti es HTTP/1.1" 200 886 http://localhost:3000/ -> /rails/info/properties

It seems to be constantly logging the actions of my web browser! Because of this I cannot enter anymore commands into DOS without closing it and reopening, which stops WEBrick! Any suggestions?

That thing is not DOS (which has been dead for >10 years). It is the Command Prompt, running CMD.EXE, a program that lets you enter commands as strings. (This is far superior to entering them with a mouse, because you can repeat and edit arbitrarily complex commands.)

Webrick does not do anything magical, such as start a service and then exit its command prompt program. You don't want it to. So it stays in this console and spews its output there. You need this to see, generally, what the server is doing.

To enter more commands, open another Command Prompt.

Phlip wrote:

To enter more commands, open another Command Prompt.

Right. To explain a little further... As you've discovered, you want to leave the Webbrick "DOS" open. So open another "DOS". You can do that by doing Start / Run and then typing in "cmd" to get your command line. And you can do that multiple times. Once to start Webbrick, once to run mysql client, once to be open to your project...

If you want to get really crazy, you can create Windows shortcuts with the command lines for each of these. Then just double click each and you have separate windows open with the appropriate commands entered.