ScITE Question

I'm a newbie & am just learning to use Ruby. I've chosen ScITE as my editor. So far so good, writing scripts then executing them inside ScITE using 'F5'.

when I run this in ScITE

puts "Hello, world. What is your name?" myname = gets() puts "Well, hello there " + myname + "."

All that happens is the ruby.exe window pops up & sits there blank.

If I name the above script "banana1.rb", save it to C:\rubyprograms

& then run the program from the command prompt it runs fine.


c:\rubyprograms> ruby banana1.rb Hello, world. What is your name?" OneBanana Well, hello there OneBanana

Why won't it run in ScITE?

Thanks in advance.

Have you asked here:

Not yet, I joined last night & have just been accepted. Will try there now, thanks, Steve.

SciTE is a wonderful ide, unfortunately it does not take well to input in its output panel. While the output panel can handle plenty of shell commands, in general it was not implemented in SciTE to handle many input situations, not just the ones that ruby presents.

After spending many cumulative hours searching for a fix or workaround and being left without even a hint on how to make it work, I decided to create my own workaround. What the below does is launches an xterm for your input and output, but if ruby has an error, its sent to Scite so you can use the line highlight feature.

In windows you'll have to find your own solution, but in linux you can do the following:

1. First off we need to change the command that launches ruby. Using the SciTe Menu Options->Edit Properties->Open

You will see the lines near the bottom: