Scheduled events and notfications in a Rails application

Hi everyone...

OK, I've had a look around and I couldn't find a good answer to this
so here goes...

I am creating an application that needs to fire off actions based on
arbitrary time and date rather than HTTP requests.

I've had a look at BackgroundRb but i'm not having much success in
getting it working in the production environment (it seems to fire off
workers more than once). Besides that, the documentation says it's not
ready for deployment in the real world...

I've also looked at Cron - and although that seems to be OK, I really
need to be able to fire off notifications right down to a 10 second
window and I'm not confident that my Rails app won't fall over if I
set up a cron job to run every 10 seconds.

Is there something in the Rails world that provides this

Any help appreciated...