scaffold usage

is there anyway that scaffold would read the database and I don't have
to specify any of the columns? it is really frustraiting specially when
you've got a lotta cols and tables! I'd like to use rails for an
enterprise app but not a toy app like all those apps in tutorials

Enterprise apps don't usually use scaffolds.

Scaffolds will give you forms and indexes for all columns in the
database. This is a bit of overhead since you are going to have to
delete plenty of code one you use your scaffolds since ALL columns
will be listed in the index and ALL columns will be editable in the
forms. i have never seen a project that desires such functionality.
Thats why i agree with Greg.

ps: What is the difference between enterprise rails apps and tutorial
toys, apart from the number of columns...??

I use the scaffold for ALL projects and don't have a problem with the
fields as I use DBDesigner to create my schemas before I go into
production. This free tool allows me to copy all fields in a table to
my clipboard. Then in the Netbeans 6.1 scaffold call I simply paste
the fields in and then decide the types ( ex: :integer, :string: ).
Hope this helps.