saving the user id for thumbnails using attachment_fu

I am using attachment_fu to create thumbnails, and it is working great. However, I am have a view with all my users thumbnails displayed and am trying to make it so when you click on a thumbnail of their avatar, it shows that users profile. In order to accomplish this I have saved a user_id identifier for each avatar, but the problem is that attachment_fu only saves this user_id for the main image and does not save it in the column for the thumbnail. So when I try and access the user_id to display the corresponding profile, it says the user_id is 0 and there is no user with that id. Is there any way to get attachment_fu to save the user_id to the thumbails too? Perhaps there is some other solution. Heres the code for the avatars so you can get a sense for what I am trying to do:

<% for avatar in @avatar -%>

<%= link_to image_tag(avatar.public_filename()), {:action => "index", :controller => "users", :user_id => avatar.user_id } %>

<% end %> So this user_id is 0 b/c the attachment_fu didnt save the user_id

Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave