Saving contacts locally

Hi All,

I want my users to veiw the thumbnail avatar’s of their contacts before sending a message.

Is it a good idea to store this info on the users pc. so that I can benefit on performance.

If the answer to the above question is YES. How can I do it in rails3. Any direction.


Using the users system to store that information will not gain you anything. Maintaining that each time a user makes a request to your server would be a maintenance nightmare. You would be better off looking into Rails caching on the server side for speed.


Thank you, shall have a look at it.

Thank you, shall have a look at it.

But don't bother about trying to optimise performance until it is all
working and you know that there is a performance issue. It is very
rare for the bottlenecks to end up being where you think they are when
you start out. Get it all working then analyse the system and
optimise the bits that need optimising. Make sure your automated
tests are comprehensive and then you can re-factor secure in the
knowledge that if you break anything during re-factoring your tests
will let you know.