Savage Beast: where are the pagination_links calculated?

I am trying to track down where the pagination_links are calculated. I have integrated SB into my site, and the show.rhtml for the topics controller references them like this:

<p class="pages"><%= _('Pages:') %> <strong><%= pagination_links @post_pages, :window_size => 10 %></strong></p>

The problem is, the pagination_links are being built wrong. They are missing the forums id in the url and are defaulting to: ../topics/9? page=2 notice there is not a "forums" part to that URL. The URL should be .../forums/6/topics/9?page=2.

Right now, this produced a Action Controller exception: Couldn't find Forum without an ID.

It all makes sense ... now I just need to find where I can change how "pagination_links" are built.

This must be a standard problem .... unless I've mucked up my environment too much without realizing it??

Thanks in advance! LAB

I don't have the source in front of me - but I'd look for the helper
"pagination_links", and modify it to take a forum_id param.

Looking at the source for the helper should give you what you need-
You'll also need to over-ride the view.

If you find a solution I'll commit the fix.

Cheers, Jodi

I (so) forgot that pagination_links was built in... PaginationHelper.html#M000504

the other way to manage this, would be to override
find_forum_and_topic to guess the form id given a specific topic id

something like:

def find_forum_and_topic    if params[:id] && !params[:form_id]   @topic = Topic.find(params[:id])   @form =    end ... end

Take a look at the base beast topic controller find_forum_and_topic
before_filter for guidance.

cheers, Jodi

Ahhhhh ... that's why I couldn't find pagination_links in any of my SB helper files. I added your puedo code to my topic controller and it worked great!!! For others ... very specifically:

def find_forum_and_topic      if params[:id] && !params[:forum_id]         @topic = Topic.find(params[:id])         @forum = @topic.forum_id      else       @forum = Forum.find(params[:forum_id])       @topic = @forum.topics.find(params[:id]) if params[:id]      end    end

Thanks for the work around!!

Cheers! LAB