samples of full ROR applications

I was wondering if there are any sites/resources out there with full
ROR apps that I could download and look through.

I still have a lot to learn and find that looking through other
"creations" is helpful.


besides googling for "sample rails app", i recommend looking at the
"Ajax on Rails" Oreilly book (3 sample apps in back) and the Apress
books (E-commerce apps, Social Networking apps, and I think there are
others. They present the M, V and C for large chunks of functionality

I second the Apress books. Alan Bradburne's Social Networking Sites
book in particular shows how a complex RESTful app can be built.
Hellston&Laine's E-Commerce book is also useful but is aging and would
benefit from a rewrite using RESTful routing and other 1.2isms.

Here's some open source applications that you might find useful for
picking through the source:

Radiant CMS
Caboose Sample Rails Application (contains more advanced rails