Sample code for doing a “chunked” webfile HTTP download, and then stream to HTTP upload to another web app?


QUESTION: Does anyone have sample code that shows how to do an (a)
chunked HTTP file download, and then (b) stream this into the HTTP
uploading of this to another web application with a file upload

* I've been trying to "stream" an existing webpage to a separate web
application, using normal http request response approach.
* The issue I'm hitting is that there are some times when preparing
the upload, whereby the source webserver where I'm sourcing the file
from does NOT set the **content-length**, hence I can't set this for
the upload.
* My thinking is that to get around this the approach might be to use
HTTP chunked mode (however I haven't had any experience with this).
I'm trying to avoid (a) having to download the file to disk first, but
also (b) store the whole file up in memory before uploading
* The upload has to be a POST