RVM settings lost after every logout

For sure check the answer again where they said to source that line in your bashrc or bash_profile dot file.

Read the RVM installation notes carefully. You will get there.

Hey I am also face the same Problem…

but after google it i found solution… may be it is useful to you

In Ubuntu 11.10
please change your GNOME terminal setting :
go to Terminal

  1. Edit > Profile Preferences open
  2. Open : Title and Command Tab
  3. Check : Run Command as a login Shell
  4. restart terminal .

run this command on terminal .
rvm --default use ruby_Version

may be it is useful to you…

thanks victor i will try both suggestions

Something else to consider is whether you are running the config that you assume that you are.

Trying putting an echo into the startup script that contains the RVM setup, like “getting ready to load RVM…”, then look into what shell you are using, which script is being used depending on whether you have a local session or connecting remotely, etc.; if you connect remotely like connecting to a VM/sever from your laptop that would matter.

And if you are typing “rvm use” in the terminal instead of using an .rvmrc in each root-level project directory that contains something like:

rvm use ruby-1.9.3-p194@name_of_the_project --create


rvm use @$(basename pwd) --create

then consider using the .rvmrc. Just be sure not to check it into open source projects, because then you might use someone else’s gemset name that is using your project and make it easier for them to pollute their other gemset.

thanks BalaRaju Vankala the solution you posted worked great in two machines whit the same problem thanks all for the answers