Running a rails project in another folder

Hi all,

I want to transfer a rails project (still under development) from my
aptop to my pc. I copied the project folder into the ruby directory on
my pc and ran it with mongrel (ran successfully). However, when I try
to access the site through the browser, the pages won't display. What
am I doing wrong?

I dont think you can just copy the application folder over. Try running
rails <app_name> command on your pc and then copy the app folder over
and all other files that you may have changed (routes, db.yaml...etc)

I have never done this myself, so let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

It is custom to copy the folder from one location to another and then
adjust the database.yml if required and other dependent configuration

How do you verify that your application on pc using mongrel is
What database are you using?
What is the contents of application log file (considered the

Give us some more information so we can help you.

what do you mean by the browser just came up nothing? or is there any
hint about the errors..

showing us whatever it displayed maybe helpful

and by the way

modifying you database.yml file is recommanded just after you maved
the project directory.

so check that first.

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay in replying. Thanks for your replies. It was
indeed my database.yml that was giving the problem. Its now working

Thanks again,