rubyzip install error


I am trying to install a rubyzip ( )in windows. I put the rubyzip extracted folder under my project, and try this :

C:\project\drawing\rails\rubyzip-0.9.3\ruby install.rb

and I receive errors of these

install.rb:21: in 'install' wrong number of arguments(4 for 3) Argumment error

from install.rb:21 from install.rb:18 in 'each' from install.rb:18

Can anyone help me to install rubyzip usign the source?

Thank you for your kindness help


May I ask you why you are not installing the rubyzip gem directly from rubygems as it suggests ?

Is there a specific reason why you are trying to install from source ? If not, then I would suggest you to take the approach recommended by the gem itself, and install it from rubygems using a command like gem install rubyzip. If for some reason you wish to install the latest from source, I would suggest you to contact the developer or check the source directly…