Ruby script\generate problem

Hi guys,
I am going through the Agile Web Development with rails book and i have
come to the part where you have to do ruby script\generate Product Admin

I am not on rails 2.0 because it caused me problems.
I think i am on 1.2.6
But my problem is that when i do that command this happens:

C:\ruby\depot>ruby script\generate scaffold Product Admin
      exists app/controllers/
      exists app/helpers/
      exists app/views/admin
      exists app/views/layouts/
      exists test/functional/
  dependency model
      exists app/models/
      exists test/unit/
      exists test/fixtures/
   identical app/models/product.rb
   identical test/unit/product_test.rb
   identical test/fixtures/products.yml
#28000Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

What should i do?


Is the contents of your config/database.yml correct (the error message suggests not), ie are the connection details, password, database name etc... correct?


Silly mistake!