Ruby/Rails user groups

I'm going to (attempt to) create a centralized Ruby / Rails user group
website, which will offer free resources to any user group which needs
it, and will at least attempt to catalogue all Ruby / Rails user groups
in existence, even if they don't actually use the resources of my


If anyone has any suggestions, comments, or feels the desire to pitch
in, I consistently monitor this group/mailing list/forum and am also
welcome to personal emails at technodolt :: at :: gmail :: dot :: com.

Please, please give me some feedback so I can know if I'm wasting my

Quite a few Ruby groups are listed on; there is
no separate category for Rails, but many of these concentrate on it.

I list several Ruby and Rails groups in

  SF Bay Area Scripting Groups

What would be very cool, IMHO, would be a way for folks to list their
locations (e.g., by zip code) and have the result be logged in Google
Maps. I'd suggest two separate maps: one for individuals and the
other for groups.

FWIW, Jef Poskanzer's GeoRSS service makes this sort of thing quite
easy to prototype. I put together a map of Apple Stores in the US:

I've always been a bit amazed that Apple doesn't provide
a useful geographic interface to their Apple Store pages.
That is, you can see a map of the US stores on

but clicking on the image will get you nowhere.

By screen-scraping this page (and some subsidiary pages),
I was able to generate one of Jef Poskanzer's GeoRSS maps:

I punted the overseas stores (whose information is actually
hidden in the main page) because I had already spent more
time on this than I wanted to...


See also (seems to be down for me at the moment).