Ruby/Rails - Contract Position Available

Ruby/Rails - Contract Position Available

I’m looking for an experienced Ruby/Rails programmer to essentially remote pair with me for the development of an open source Rails 3 plugin.

The plugin is an interface to the Datatables library (

goal is to create an extremely intuitive API for the average rails developer that will expose all of the functionality of the Datatables library. Including multi column sorting, per column filtering, etc… In
addition, considerable focus will be applied to ensure that the database is accessed efficiently.

The right person will be…

  • an experienced Ruby and Rails developer
  • have some knowledge of how Rails plugins are constructed even if they’ve never published one
  • have a solid understanding of ActiveRecord and not be afraid of methods like reflect_on_associations
  • should be comfortable with test driven development
  • should know RSpec or be willing to learn it
  • should be proficient with Git.

In addition we’ll be working together remotely so you’ll need to be willing to use Skype, VNC and what ever other tools would help.

The resulting library will be distributed under the MIT and GPL license.

is a short term contract for an open source project. I’m willing to pay competitive contractor rates. I expect the job to last between 80 to 120 hours total and to spend 20-40 hours a week on it.

I’m willing to be flexible with my schedule and match yours if necessary.

Mike Greenly