Ruby Postgres Adapter Issue


i'm working through the o'reilly cookbook tutorial using migrations and postgresql.

i'm using this pgsql adapter for winxp...

i'm using edge rails with the latest svn version.

i experienced some unexpected behavior.

whenever i display a text column in the edit screen, it adds 4 spaces before displaying the text. it then creates a return and 2 more spaces. if i update again, i get more pre spaces (total: 8) and an additional second return with 2 more spaces. this behavior will repeat.

the extra spaces are added into the database, too.

i emailed the author of the software - i think i did, anyway. he doesn't have his email address on the site and i used his first name @ domain name as the address.

my code (copy and pasted) was actually inserting this extra information. the adapter isn't the issue. sorry for the false alarm here.