Ruby on Rails tutorial by Michael Hartl


I am doing this tutorial, currently in Chapter 5. I am testing listing 5.26 but get the feeling that not all is set up like it should.

The message: RubyDep: WARNING: Your Ruby is: 2.3.0 (buggy). Recommendation: install 2.3.1.

a bit alarming.

Can someone help with tips our suggestions?

Thank you,


If you are able to, do an upgrade. If you can’t just ignore the warning… In any case, it is not related to the remaining message you screenshotted instead of copy pasting… Just read along after the warning lines and take a closer look at the actual error, it gives you very good hints on how to proceed.


Thank you; you are right that copy / pasting is better. I will paste the text here underneath.

What I see is “rake aborted!”. I guess that is the real error.

But what to do? Shall I do ‘rake db:migrate’? But in this chapter of the tutorial there is no database implemented; not yet! I don’t understand it?

The funny thing is: the ‘sample_app’ application is running without problems, as far as I can see!

Here the pasted screen lines:


Thanks again!

I walked through the tutorial, rereading chapter 3, and there I found my mistake, in this line: Minitest::Reporters.use!

After correction, the test ran without errors!