Ruby on Rails Tutor Needed in Los Angeles

I learned tcl, html and sql to create a database-backed website
(, now defunct). That was fun.

Now I want to learn Ruby on Rails. I wrote some decent Ruby programs
in July, including one that scraped a web site discussion board and
wrote all the threads out to individual files. I went through Lenz'
book and built the Shovell application.

I picked out a small project and I am having a little trouble getting

I like the language and I like the environment, but I need someone for
a few hours a day for the next week to watch over my shoulder and say,
"No no, look in the Model directory under Views..." and stuff like

Probably pretty easy work if you've built a few Ruby on Rails
websites. Really difficult work if you haven't. I need to do the
typing (some of my learning is muscle memory), so you could be sitting
with your laptop cruising the Rails community sites or Craigslist.

I'm in Santa Monica. Start around 9am, often quit at 2pm to go get the
kids from school.


Did I ask this in the wrong place? Or is this just a slim-chance hope
that someone would be interested in this sort of work?


You didn't mention any sort of compensation...

I'm going on conjecture here, but I bet no one really has 9 until
2p.m. open if they're holding down any sort of job. Asking someone to
give up that much of the prime part of the day with no compensation is
asking for a lot.


Oh. Excellent point.

To me it's a consulting gig. It's $75 to $150 an hour, depending on
how well the person knows Rails and is able to train a monkey.

In that example, I would be the monkey.