Ruby on Rails : Origin of the name ?

If you consider a train on rails, the train goes where the rails take it. Ruby On Rails is the Ruby language on the "rails" that DHH dreamed up. As the saying goes, RoR is very opinionated software. You can do *some* things in a way that DHH and crew don't like, but they will make it hard for you. If you follow the Rails, all goes well.


Is there a reference to where you got the name "Stephan Wehner?" First

Sorry, couldn't resist. :slight_smile: Have fun riding the rails.


Is there a reference for this? First usage ... ?

  Have you tried Wikipedia?


From that line of thinking, it all becomes so clear. Rails gets you
places, while Struts just hold you up.

Phillip's answers seems fine for me...

  First usage was from 37Signals?