Ruby on rails Hosting / VPS

Hi all please share your recommendation for me to get Hosting or VPS, which are best Price and best Service, Wherever Server, will be good if in Asia Region should fine, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You can get offers on, you can probably find something in Singapore or something for like $10-15 per month normally, but they can sometimes do better. Again, it is all relative, because bandwidth in APAC tends to be more costly than in Europe, or the USA, and because if the way the internet is arranged, you may not get much more latency going to the US West coast, where you can probably find something for around $7/month

You can check out Rshosting they do offer managed VPS hosting with ruby on rail supported.

I’m currently using

The price range starts at U$5,00 and you can find some 2 free month coupons online.