Ruby on Rails Evolutionaries

We are using Ruby on Rails and CivicSpace Labs (drupal) for

The community is a growing part of society that wants to be informed about their online purchases (beyond price and product reviews) --such as does the manufacturer pollute? abuse their workforce? rely on oil-based energy? undermine our politcal system through lobbying and contributions?

We believe that by integrating easy to access, trusted information directly within the scope of the purchase transaction, we can gradually connect corporate behavior (commonly and incorrectly caused corporate social responsibility) with the profit motive.

We need help in maintaining our present release, and need help in building the next generation of for release next September.

We are a hybrid business (for profit, but share a significant part of our revenue with various causes such as United for a Fair Economy, EarthJustice, Global Exchange, WalMart Watch and many others).

We are privately funded and have scarce resources although we are presently working toward an initial round of external capital. Ideal candidates are in the Austin/Round Rock, Texas area and have experience with RoR, Drupal, PHP, mysql, Amazon's API's and ecommerce -- however anyone that believes in the importance of our work and can help us extend and build our next generation release is welcome.

Please send resumes to with the Ruby/alonovo in the title.

Thanks, George