Ruby on Rails Developing Opportunities


They are expecting their candidates to know JAVA, MySQL, AJAX, SDLC, and
XTHML. Be willing to work in a casual laid back environment. Their
programmers do not just put their head down and code all day, they go to
staff meetings, gather requirements. And with the Ruby on Rails, they
are just looking for someone who has been exposed to it for a couple
months and that is driven to learn and can pick up quickly, because they
are offering a small training session.

Please send me your resume if you are interested and also if you know
anyone else who could be a good fit because there are 5 open positions.



pepe wrote:


I have quite a bit of experience developing software for IBM midrange
servers and I have worked on and off on the side doing web
development. I started with RoR about a year ago and created a
currently working application for a very important airport (have a non-
disclosure signed so I can't say more).

I would be interested in knowing what this company is expecting from
the new hire and what are the conditions.

Thank you.


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