Ruby on Rails developer required

We have a school management system which is built on ruby on rails. It has an attendance system where attendance can be marked manually and SMS notifications are sent to parents for absent students… Every student profile has a unique Hardware ID which is linked to their student ID and other information.

Our hardware devices will be transmit this hardware ID to a set port on the server from where it has to be read to get student information and then mark attendance accordingly.

Sample ruby code to communicate with the database to get student information from hardware ID and to mark attendance will be provided.

You have to develop a plugin for the student management system which does all this and also sends SMS for in and out time of the students depending on the time of the hardware id received on the port.

An easy api platform will also be provided where html and ruby code can be easily tested and implemented.

Contact me to discuss this project in more detail - james.davisphd at gmail dot com.

Hi James,

Actually, i am new to Ruby on rails.i can’t understand creating the applications and how to run the applications. please tell me best web site and i don’t know how to install the all the software(like ruby ,rails,mysql).



What has this question got to do with the subject line of the thread?

Start with, which is free to use online.

When you install rails I recommend the use of rvm.

If you have further questions on this issue start a new thread with an appropriate subject.


hi sushil, visit rails there are various source present there to understand. also you can see videos on you tube ruby programnig day-0 . there are series of video related to ror. don’t forget to use linux as your o.s