Ruby on Rails developer needed for start up (JOB)

Experienced developer needed for a small, but recently invested (seed stage) start up. You’ll be joining an incredibly driven, fun and creative group of people. We plan on launching within the next few months!

About Us (NewAppetite)

Music Discovery: we love that. But recommendation algorithms can’t replace old school crate digging. The discrepancy of the DJ is as important to real music discovery as it ever was, and program directors and music bloggers aren’t the only ones who know what’s up.

Finding bad music is easy. It’s the ability to find good music that should be rewarded. We’re building NewAppetite to help showcase music’s up-and-coming artists and tracks alongside the trendsetting fans who find them first. And we don’t think recommendation algorithms can do that. We prefer humans to robots. For the first time ever, music fans wield more influence than the music industry. SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, HypeMachine, ThisIsMyJam, Shuffler; we want you to get your hands dirty in this. This is digital crate digging.

Check out some of our mock ups and additional information at If any of this interests you, please email me at and I can provide specific details.