Ruby on Rails CommunityGuides

Dear all,

I am happy to announce Ruby on Rails CommunityGuides located at

Ruby on Rails CommunityGuides follows the purpose of giving back to open source - more specific, to the Rails community. It has been built to provide a basis to share knowledge on Ruby on Rails development. Developers from all over the world can share their knowledge easily and gain profit from the knowledge of other developers. All content is free and published under a Creative Commons license.

CommunityGuides already contains a series of twelve articles that describe the whole process of creating CommunityGuides. It covers topics such as the model-view- controller principle, routes, unit and functional tests, test driven development, search, pagination, security aspects, Devise, Omniauth, reCAPTCHA, Heroku and many more.

Any feedback will be most welcome, as well as contributions to CommunityGuides!

Kind regards Markus