RUBY on Rails CMM level company does not have much employees

Why CMM level 5 Companies not working in ruby on rails rather than they worked in java or .net

All small companies are working in ROR
And if any big company is working the strength of employees are much less in India why it is?

Maybe you should be asking those companies :slight_smile:

Thnaks for our reply

can you ask for me?

I think ROR is not For a big project tools
That’s why it is only use for freelance

These companies are not freelancers

Ok thanks for the information

But You know the employee strength of java and .net is much more rather than ruby on rails for those companies.

Because ror does not have a capability for big project

Dear Rajarshi,
                    MNCs started recruiting ROR people.I heard TCS is
recruiting 3yr experience rails developers.
Dont think rails cannot be scalable. Its already proven technology.

Dear Venkata,

can you compare the strength of TCS in ror
and in .net
then u understand the difference


I mean employee strength

.net worked more than 8 Lacs
and in ror it is 50

Dear Rajarshi,
You know what, Microsoft is big client for TCS. Microsoft will
deafinitely force TCS to use that technology and TCS has to go
according to that desperitely.
There are some big companies behind .net and Java, mind you. People
started realizing the strength and fun of rails. It will take small
amount of time for rails to rock in even MNCs not much time.

What is a big project according to you. Something like Facebook which
is built on php is a big project for you? If you think so,Tumblr is
also built on PHP but failed.
Then what do you say? Does it mean PHP is not scalable?

BREAKING NEWS: companies burdened with legacy commitments
(and fear of change) invest more in legacy technologies.

Amazing but true.

Me, I'm betting on the mammals.

Rails is agile. people should actually know this by now
Rails is different from existing stuff, its the future
CMMI is good but personally i think rails deserves something different
and Rails is novel thing , at least where I live, in Pakistan few
companies are working on Rails
and in well known freelancing marketplaces theres not much Rails work
and usually I've seen people start jumping into outsourcing business
without sufficient knowledge of software development and trying to
start new companies

these people are utterly unaware of whats going on in the cutting edge
of web dev.
they only want to hire a few people, get an internet connection and
start churning out low quality websites

and this wont stop, middle men in the first world are makin big money
if they find a company in teh third world which produces stuff at low
price and fast turnarounds

Rails is awesome. and awesomeness doesnt come cheap.
plus rails is for highly opinionated people. period.

I'm hoping to see more people coming to rails

I am just telling the truth man
the strength of people in CMMi company is less for ROR
Yes rails is awesome as far as i have developed srping struts
rails is much better thna those.
But strength of employee is less man
1.Desktop application is not made by rails
As Microsoft and ISO take place.
Microsoft use .net
and for mac ios use cocoa
So only in that case it is far lagged behind others but
for Web development

Me, I'm betting on the mammals.

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Me, I'm betting on the mammals.

Good one! :smiley:

Larger companies are reluctant to invest in a technology until it has demonstrated some level of stability from a specification and tools point of view. In this light, breakages in backward compatibility may cause a technology to acquire a bad reputation that in turn impedes its adoption.


yep, because for Big Companies, "stability" is Job 1.

OTOH, smaller (== small-a-'agile') companies are eager to invest in
a technology if it *currently* demonstrates some level of competitive
advantage, because they're in a position to exploit it.

Place y'r bets, ladies and gentlemen, place y'r bets ... :slight_smile:

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