Ruby on Rails and mySQL

I'm new to RoR so please forgive this trivial question. I'm working
through Timothy Fisher's Ruby on Rails Bible, I have the components up
and running. I have created the contactlist database and within it the
contacts table. I then follow the instructions on page 81:

ruby script/console
my_contact =

It's supposed to respond with a message describing the attributes of
the Contact class, but instead it tells me that it cannot find the
contacts_development database. It is there, as shown by the mysql
console app. What am I doing wrong? Should I have created the database
in some particular directory rather than just leave it to mySQL to
figure out where to place it?

Thanks in advance,

Can you show us your database.yml and details of the error displayed?


How did you create the contacts table?
Do you have the mysql gem installed?
What is the response when, in your app directory, you type: "script/