Ruby on Lion: How to have multiple ruby versions running?

Hi guys,

I'm preparing my development machines for the imminent release of new Lion OS and I have few questions that I'm hoping someone will help me with.

Lion supposedly comes with 1.8.7 version of MRI (ruby 1.8.7 (2010-01-10 patchlevel 249)) and I still have some projects that need 1.8.6 branch and also many that are on 1.9.x branch.

Is there a best practice guideline that tells you how to compile, install & run different ruby interpreters and different version of gems?

Thank you for any pointers or insight!


Use RVM:


Rvm is the bomb!

Rvm is the bomb!

Presumably this is in the context of a virtual universe where bombs are good. Or do you mean that it will blow up the machine?


Woah, woah, wait - we all know bomb is an official computer science term for

'delivers measurable improvements in efficiency and effectiveness'

Yes, it is that good, you will see measurable improvements throughout your life, all thanks to one smallish utility.

In all seriousness it has been incredibly helpful for our team as we have migrated from merb to sinatra to rails and from mongrel to passenger under apache amd then nginx - lots of ruby version-specific testing and validation with those and ruby 186, then ruby 187, then 187 enterprise and now getting everything working with 192 MRI.

You will most likely come to appreciate it very much if you transition between frameworks and/or web containers.


Or if you have a mix of new/greenfield and legacy apps to maintain using different platforms and with different upgrade timelines.

Truly a lifesaver!