Ruby on Crack

After several months of keeping it under wraps, I'm happy to
officially announce my own web framework to the world. It's called
Ruby on Crack and will be released by RailsConf 2008. The name of the
framework was chosen because I wanted to push the idea of a complete
break from the existing Ruby frameworks, a clear cut, if you will.

You can read more about my announcement here:


You're sure you want to keep that name?

This will be mixed with the drug of the same name and sentences like:
"A programmer using Crack no longer has strong opinions..." (from your
get extremely ambiguous meanings. it may even be more difficult to sell
a project to customers.

Heh, um, yeah. Calendar much?


Just gimme a dime bag... please... Ill do anything...

Antonio Cangiano wrote:

Will you use the new Ruby1.9 extensions, based on research by Dr Cockburn, the Crystal Meth-ods?

Yeah, that name would really sell it to "enterprises" :slight_smile: