Ruby Hero Awards

Hey guys,

    Some of you may have already heard about this, but I thought I'd
post it to the list since there are quite a few people here who
probably deserve some recognition and gratitude.

    This morning we put up the Ruby Hero Awards (http:// There are many people in the Ruby/Rails world
who contribute to our community and rarely receive any recognition or
payment for their work. They write educational blogs & tutorials,
create plugins & gems, contribute to open source projects, and put on
events, and help out people who need assistance on mailing lists like

    Ruby Hero Awards was created to show some gratitude and give these
people the recognition they deserve. Hopefully the type of recognition
that keeps them doing what they're doing, and continuing to make our
community stronger.

    So if you want to show some gratitude then take a moment to
nominate someone you think is a Ruby Hero

    The winners will be announced on stage at Railsconf next month.

Gregg Pollack