Ruby for a simple web app?

I am not a developer and I am not sure that Ruby is the best framework
for my online app, don't know where to start, and not sure this is the
right place to ask.

At a high level, the site will provide users a single function once
self-registered (with email) or invited. They will be able to make a
list, similar to a wish-list. And then invite friends to register and
view the list.

I am planning on gwrowing the funtionality as the userbase grow, so for
now I have a shared hosting account with GoDaddy (LAMP Server)
I expect to have about 5 users concurrent in the beginning.
will this be a simple task?
What freelancing site or developers group would be good to contact?

Appreciate the help,


I think you are in the right place, George.
Ruby and the framework Rails can perform those tasks without a

restful_authentication is your friend when it comes to developing an
authentication system.

The only thing that stands out to me in your request is using GoDaddy
as your hosting account.

As a disclaimer, I am not a GoDaddy user, but an inexpensive shared
hosting account may not be the best environment to deploying a Rails
app. There will be some limitations. However, if you plan on the first
phase being an 'alpha' phase and later move onto a better Rails host
then using GoDaddy should be very doable.