ruby compile error on new vps

> ---- > you shouldn't be getting random seg faults at all w/ 256MB > should work. > > you probably should be using runlevel 3 (text w/networking) and not > using GUI with that amount of RAM though. > > Craig

Yea i can't explain it either. I'm in chat with slicehost support and they say that the gui layer is not installed unless specified.

i finally got a working app with mysql installed on centos but not after a few seg faults trying to start up webbrick.

they convinced me to go with ubuntu hardy. i just blew my system away.

time to see if this is any better.

if not, maybe i have some hardware issues.

ill let you know how my rails woes pan out with that distro.

Craig White wrote:

---- I suspect that you are dealing with a hardware problem and the choice of distro is immaterial.


    I would have to agree. Ubuntu is also a pretty heavy distribution to be running on a 256MB VPS. I'm surprised they don't have the RoR stack pre-installed or built into their OS images.

Craig White wrote:

i was reading on slicehost forums that gem 1.1.1 has a memory leak which is causing issues on 256MB slices like mine. I'm going to try and roll back a version to 1.1.0 and see if that helps any.

Go to 1.2.0. It's not so much a leak as gem loads everything into memory on bulk update (that's my understanding) which exhausts the RAM. 1.2.0 doesn't do this.