Ruby Cgi and Mysql/Postgresql

i m very new in ruby ( i used to work on php)

I am looking for good documentation or book which will show me
how to use ruby with CGI + mysql /Postgresql

something like, will show how to grab data from database and pass those
into Select or combox box ..

i tryed to look for books but i have not find any

so good documentation site, books would be good


Really, no books?

Do you mean, without Rails?


If you are trying to learn Ruby on Rails then is
good and is free to use online.


Sergey Gribovski wrote in post #1073108:

When I was starting with Ruby, I found a number of one-script Ruby CGI examples for MySQL on Google. Where have you looked?


One other place to look is the Prototype + book by Christophe Portenueve. He didn't want his examples to be too Rails-centric, so he wrote a very simple Ruby CGI to handle all the back-end for the Ajax examples. That might have some good bits for you to pick at.