Ruby Canada launched - The Canadian resource for all things Ruby

Ruby Canada (http://rubycanada) is a new source for Ruby and Rails
developers working in and around Canada. Without hyping it up to what
it will be, what it is right now is an awesome resource for those
looking for work.

Currently listing all jobs across our Country with constant updates
and a 0% SPAM policy. That being said, I personall filter all emails
that go through the mailing list (Ruby Canada Gremlin included) to
ensure that the postings are relevant to Ruby developers and provide
value to those who choose to listen in and join the mailing list.

All that being said, I welcome any HR, business owners, hiring
managers, and of course those seeking awesome contracts from the
largest businesses in Canada working with Ruby, to join us on the
list. There is also an RSS feed for those looking to simply subscribe
to the feed without having to get the emails.

You can find more details at..

Also, if you manage a job site, please let me know and we see about
getting your job postings aggregated into the list. I have developed
some cool technology that does this quite elegantly.